Interactive Media 212MC

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Artifact One

The first artifact for Interactive Media 212MC. We was set a task to produce a artifact by taking images over a kilometer walk. We was directed towards using tools such as Google maps, I also found by using sister programs such as Google Earth and images obtained on my mobile phone i was able to produce a mock up film. The programs used to minipluate the images and footage in order to produce this short artifact was Photoshop and After Effects from Adobe Creative Suite 4.

    Google Street Map Exercise

Using the web interface of Google maps I was able to create a path route of my first artefact journey, I found this to be a useful tool in which enabled uses to up load and attach images and footage to key icons that could be then placed on the map as a point of interest. It can be seen how designers of this plug-in can gather and use members information to share with 3rd part site’s who track the uses activities catalogue our personal data and linking us to sites that may be of interest to our personnel habit’s. Unfortunately these type systems are still at a trial and error stage in which the use could also be subject to receiving unwanted junk mail.


Arena Title

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Arena Title

My first thoughts on the opening title for Arena was it was simple but effective, As i have some knowledge of title sequences, i could appreciate the level of effects to firstly create the scene. Programs such as maxson 3d would have been use to create a fractal noise layered with a displacement map giving the water ripple effect. This would then be polished up in a third program such as after effect adding ambience and motion blurs. The title it self was colour graded with a glow effect to give the impression of a neon light.

Section 2

I would first approach Brian with our production profile and try to conivience him that we are trust worthy production team who are up and coming and would benefit greatly from his knowledge and input. I would research his audio scores and explain why i have come to the decision of wanting his work composed within our short film or programme. This could also be away of mentoring young film makers and help pass down the knowledge using us as a chain.I would cover the legal requirements and agree on a fee if the production was to make any monies.

I like analysing the two very different title sequences, first Doctor Who was a interesting title that conveys the actual program that follows, It uses graphic that portray a futuristic feel but also cleverly uses the use of a old porter cabin style police office / telephone box. This sets the time at a different stage and shows the contrast between the ages. It also uses sci-fi style audio to portray the feel of space, these conventions are known to us as the viewer as they are general across most sci-fi productions. Although there are many versions of this title as the programme has been aired for quite some years, they all follow the same concept and narrative.

Home and Away was a title that i though worked in the same way. They use bright sunny shots to set the atmosphere, light hearted music that sets the pace and reflects on the characters within and there places of work and the places of interest. It uses these conventions to hook the audience and draw them into the programme that follows.

The two titles are very different in contrast but use similar modes of representation to draw on viewing numbers. I feel the titles do what they are suppose to, by setting the feel, the pace and the style of programme being shown. Like the concept of space and time to the feel of a warm sunny lively family show.


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The film starts with our protagonist, Tom, kicking a ball up against a garage door with the constant booming of the garage echoing throughout the scene. The booming of the ball then moves the film onto the Dad, Dave, who is in the kitchen doing the washing up. Tom’s football antics are obviously getting to Dave as we see his frustration steadily growing. Eventually, the booming is too much for Dave, who storms outside and shouts at Tom to stop and to get back indoors.

Dave gets a phone call; it is Jonno asking whether he is going to get to the pub in time for kick off. Without even giving a second thought to his son and his homework, Dave insists he’ll be at the pub in time and hastily makes his way out of the house, leaving Tom alone on the stairs.

Dave has made his way to the pub and Tom has had enough. Tom has been putting up with his Dad putting him second best for too long. He leaves the house himself in search for Deano to help him with a prank set out to teach his dad a lesson. The boys unite and set off down the street, football in hand ready to start devising their plan. Meanwhile, Dave is enjoying himself, getting drunk and watching the football with his mates in the pub.

The boys have ripped open their football and have started to fill it with bricks and anything heavy they can find in the area they are in. As soon as the ball has been filled, they sneak up towards the pub where Dave is drinking and place it in front of the exit. They retreat to a safe distance and watch over the pub as their plan starts to come into action.

Dave and Jonno leave the pub in a euphoric state after a few too many beers and a win for their team. Meanwhile, Tom and Deano watch on from their position as the climax to their prank moves ever closer. The ball is spotted by Jonno, who insists it needs to be kicked. This is where Dave’s ego kicks in and times of former glory come back to him, when he insists that he was once known as the “right footed Diego Maradonna”. Dave lines himself up for the biggest punt he can muster as we see him about to kick the ball, with the tension for the boys ever rising and the excitement becoming unbearable.

The ball is finally kicked, where we see Dave on the floor in agony and clutching at his foot, with Jonno giving no sympathy and finding it the funniest thing ever, sharing the jubilation with the boys, who have now run down the street celebrating into the horizon.

After Effect’s Lesson

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Today I was given the opportunity to share with my class, the skills that I had gained whilst using Adobe After Effects. I introduced the class to the interface and the use of its tools and components. We covered various elements from sky replacement using masks and layers to more advanced compositing using 3D space. I enjoyed this session and was very flattered that my lecturer felt I was capable of approaching my peers on this level. It was a great opportunity and I was happy to share my existing knowledge on this programme. It certainly gave me a taste for teaching and could be something I may focus on in the future.

Artefact Ideas for pitching

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The first artefact idea that I focused on, was inspired by the short experimental film made on behalf of IBM titled, ‘By the power of 10’. The film used a graphic based system to scale out from a young couple having a picnic to the surrounding environment and then on a larger scale, the solar system and beyond. It then reversed the sequence, scaling down into a single atom within the man’s body, thus up scaling the view by the power of ten and then reversing that sequence. My concept will aim to show the beginning of our solar system and how are planets were formed. It will then proceed to show the viewer our present and then proceed to the destruction of our solar system with the sun clasping under its own gravity creating a catastrophic super nova.
My second idea is inspired by the first task, which was given. We were required to set out on a journey and film things of interest every 100yards. My idea takes a similar form in which I aim to cover various routes, which I take on my commute to university.
The aim was to produce a button system, which will allow the user to interact with the footage by choosing the direction in which to travel. I would aim to accomplish this through various programs such as final cut pro, Photoshop, after effects and finally DVD studio pro.

Final Artefact

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As I felt it would interest me further, I opted on the latter of the two ideas. On approaching and creating my main artefact I found an ordering system would be required. I initially planned out the various routes, which I would take. All of these routes starting at the same location and ended at the same destination. In order for the project to have structure it was necessary to plan the routes and then proceed to number the various roads travelled. All of these routes were carried out from a driver’s perspective.


Route Plan


The interactive elements of the project would come into effect when the audience was asked for their participation when choosing from various route options. Differing options made by the viewer would lead to differing results, making this project have a greater degree of interest and required participation from the user.

fcp editing

On constructing my main artefact it was necessary to batch capture the available footage using final cut pro, I then went on to edit the footage into individual roads, It was then that I referred to my numbering system in order to not get confused with the mass amount of clips generated. After exporting all clips as QuickTime movies I proceeded to import the footage into After effects.


Problems that occurred during the project was that much of the footage had been blown out due to varying degrees of natural light. As the sun was set low in the sky, due to the time of year it created problematic glares within the footage. I tried various ways of salvaging the material, which was affected as a result. Unfortunately several clips did have to be cut due to the quality of them. These issues did result in an additional route being cut from the project.
With this in mind I proceeded to make some additional adjustments to my footage, colour levels were crushed and various Photoshop layers were added to the main composition. I then created a GPS system, which would be added to the clips, which would also verify to the users the position and the direction, which the car was travelling in.
Once all the effects were added to each clip I exported the files as mpeg DVD in order to work with them within Studio pro.


This was the first time I used this package to create an interactive artefact. This part of the project was extremely challenging, as it required a complex system in order to make these clips play in the right order. Several problems occurred during this stage. One of the main problems was not being able to add additional audio to menu layers.


The system has the ability to add audio to layers tracks which are the green boxes shown on the image. The menu layers shown, as blue boxes would require the audio to have been added at the beginning stages within Final cut pro. This is due to the menu using a slightly different interface that allows sub menus as well as a button trigger system. This would then be out putted to DVD+R, which can be accessed on computers, or home DVD players that can flash read DVD recordable discs.

dvd building

After producing my DVD artefact it was clear to see where improvements could have been made. Unfortunately it was not possible for the university to loan me a HD video camcorder, this was due to no skill set lecturers being delivered to the class, we were therefore restricted to hand held home video cameras which are clearly not suitable for shooting film which could be relatively important. Therefore not having any control on the frame rate and exposure became an issue.
Improvements could also have been made by using a suction mounted camera clamp which would not only keep the footage relatively straight but would also avoid the possibility’s of any window screen glare as the camera would then be set up externally to the vehicle.
The problems that initially occurred whilst attempting to add music became quite a challenge to rectify. In order to add music I had to push the audio and sound effects through various programs trimming sequences to match the durations of the clips. Although this time would have been better spent producing the music at the beginning stages of this project it was still possible to attach the sound clips to create an ambience for the artefact.
Another way of making this artefact more accessible to others would have been to produce the mechanics of its interactivity within Adobe flash. This in turn could then be up loaded to a HTML page and offered to online users across the globe. Although I toyed with the idea of approaching the artefact in this manner, the option of using this program could of potentially become more detrimental to its functionality.
I was satisfied with the outcome of the project irrespective of the issues that arose. I successfully was able to combat many of the problems, which became a learning experience in itself. Issues, which I was unable to combat, gave me an insight into how these could be avoided in the future. This project was definitely one where I was able to identify flaws and either rectify or adapt the project to suit it’s needs whilst meeting the objectives.

Gamer’s Association (MW2)

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Modern warfare 2

Console fanatics queued in millions to get their early edition of the Modern Warfare 2. The ground breaking graphics and A.I ability’s puts this game into a whole new category within gaming capabilities.
Whilst looking at the promotional angle of this particular game, the sneak preview trailer video uses many modes to entice its consumer’s.
It may be that people may want to be extravert on line therefore be the opposing self of what they are restricted by within the real world.
These adverts use all these conventions offering the users the ability to lose there self’s within its texts.
This game depicts the current situations with the current wars happening in the middle east and some what feeds of this present situation as it knows the audience will use these particular modes in order to become absorbed in its text.
The life like graphic allows the user to summit to its un-realness and therefore forms an acceptance to the narrative and what they are being exposed too.
The online gaming associations is for ever growing estimating that in it’s first week of sales around 5.5 million consumers brought the console game, making it the highest grossing online game ever.


As the collective series of call of duty already has a large existing target audience the build up to the release of this game was formed by the institution in a very clever way, the approach by the designers at Infinity Ward had a clear view of how they would approach the release. After doing extensive research on Modern warfare taking into account the customer views of the pros and cons of the game. This was to include glitch solving and
During the build up it to the release date of this incredible game, the team at Infinity Wards and their publisher Activision classified any snippets of this game as top secret, they enticed there targeted audience with little graphic text based adds which showed little underlined clues into the game, But did not show any initial game play into a month before release. All adverts produce were constructed in this manner in order to work on peoples pleasures, what they want and need.
The on line capabilities of this Modern warfare is what separates this game to other ‘shoot em ups’ such as Bungie’s Halo series or Tom Clancy’s Rainbow six series which was also ground breaking at their time of release. It offers a lot more game modes, creative maps as well as various air support options.
Below is a quick look at the multiplayer game play.

Or though this game is a great way in interacting with the rest of the world there are still clear divides with different nationalities. There is a clear division between United Kingdom and the USA. Mainly based on the present situation with the Middle East. This can become very annoying to the user but there are proto calls, which can be taken. For example you can score a rating on other players as well as block or mute communication.

Video Wall

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Today we watched a video that uses a montage of profile footage of various people. My real interest lies within the way the people interact with each other. It shows a creative process and structure throughout, There are denotations we can make by viewing this video, firstly we are introduced to a laptop computer which could indicate a on-line status reflecting the present state of society, the actors who then start to appear are set within there homes giving us a feel of real every day people who interact on line. As the video continues it introduces us the viewer to various cultural subjects again giving us an impression of a global sense. The actors animate their body’s to make various shapes that reflect others within the montage. Semiotics are pushed to the limits as the subjects start to physically interact with each other throwing our initial denotations into the stratospheres. At this point we as the audience would both accept and absorb this information or we could possibly reject the visuals as they are know longer seen with a view of the real.